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STAT Events GLP-1s: Distilling Signal from Noise
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GLP-1s: Distilling Signal from Noise




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In the last year, obesity drugs have dominated headlines and taken center stage, representing an emerging market that has potential to transform both individual human health and the health care industry. But instead of getting lost in speculation, it’s important to ground conversations in today’s market realities.

Join as industry experts share the trends they’re tracking and the questions biopharma executives should be asking themselves right now about the market for GLP-1s.


Jesse McQuarters, Branded Content Editor at STAT


Rita Glaze-Rowe, President, Transformative Healthcare Markets, Real Chemistry

Rita has 30 years of health care industry experience across marketing, pricing and reimbursement commercial strategy and strategic communications. She leads an expert team within Real Chemistry, focused on understanding and analyzing innovations and markets that will have a transformative impact on health, beginning with GLP-1s.

Courtney Younglove, M.D., Founder & Medical Director, Heartland Weight Loss and WellMi and Chief Medical Director, Journeys Metabolic

Courtney Younglove is a physician, dual board-certified in Obesity Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology. She’s the founder and medical director of Heartland Weight Loss, the Chief Medical Officer at Journeys Metabolic, and is one of only 84 clinicians in the US that has earned her OMA fellowship in the field of Obesity Medicine.

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