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If you’re struggling to keep up with the litany of experiments in which scientists are using CRISPR to treat or cure seemingly every disease under the sun — in mice, cells, even human embryos — you’re likely not alone. The field is flush with research results, with more arriving every week. So at STAT, we’ve created a tool to help keep tabs on this data deluge: the CRISPR Trackr.

It’s actually more of a reboot. The first version of STAT’s CRISPR Trackr was launched in 2018, and managed by Sharon Begley until her death in January 2021. It stayed dormant as gene editing research, like almost every other human endeavor, faced disruptions in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. But any slowdown was temporary — today the CRISPR field is moving forward faster than ever.


And so, the CRISPR Trackr is back, and even better than before. You will still find a selection of studies from research journals, preprints, and company announcements, with the most recent of them listed at the top. But now, you can use the search function found on the upper right to filter studies by particular conditions, specific types of CRISPR editing, and other useful characteristics. Or you can filter using the tags in the right-hand column.

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