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Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. Already, the official mascots are racing about the Pharmalot campus in search of breakfast and a steady stream of traffic can be heard nearby. As for us, we are engaged in the usual rituals, starting with brewing cups of stimulation. Our choice today is salted caramel, a veritable whiff of the Jersey shore. Please feel free to join us. Meanwhile, we are once again foraging for items of interest, some of which we have collected below. Just keep scrolling down. On that note, we wish you a productive and meaningful day, and hope your journey is pleasant. And as always, do keep in touch. …

AstraZeneca agreed to acquire Fusion Pharmaceuticals in a deal worth more than $2 billion, picking up a company focused on the blooming area of targeted radiation therapies for cancer, STAT writes. Fusion specializes in developing radiopharmaceuticals, also known as radioconjugates or radioligands, which deliver radiation directly to tumors, guided by particular markers on cancer cells. The aim is not only to minimize the risk of damaging surrounding, healthy tissue, but also to reach tumors that traditional radiation can not reach. The lead candidate, FPI-2265, in the Fusion pipeline is in a Phase 2 trial for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.


A U.S. appeals court revived an antitrust lawsuit by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals against Novartis related to prescription medicines for treating a condition that can lead to eye disorders, including permanent blindness, Reuters notes. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York determined that a lower court judge erred in dismissing the case, in part for having applied an improper legal standard to Regeneron’s claims. The lawsuit is related to Regeneron’s drug Eylea and Novartis’ rival drug, Lucentis. In its lawsuit filed in 2020, Regeneron claimed Novartis schemed with co-defendant Vetter Pharma to delay Regeneron’s release of a version of its eye medication.

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