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Some of the country’s biggest health insurers said Tuesday that up to one-quarter of their claims are run through Change Healthcare, UnitedHealth Group’s technology company that sustained a massive cyberattack two weeks ago.

Speaking at investor conferences, executives from Humana, Elevance Health, and CVS Health, which owns Aetna, said the biggest impact they’re seeing is fewer bills coming in from providers. For insurers, that means less visibility into how much they’ll have to pay for their members’ medical care in the beginning of the year, although they noted that providers and pharmacies have adopted workarounds that are helping the situation.


“This past weekend we saw a significant increase in activity levels relative to recent years, which suggests in large part that providers are catching up their submissions,” Mark Kaye, Elevance’s chief financial officer, said at TD Cowen’s annual health care conference. Elevance was previously Anthem.

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